Sky Help Pls

    Having a nightmare with sky at the moment.

    I had (have) a sky + box in living room and multiroom in bedroom. 2 weeks ago I cancelled multiroom, receiving freesat channels only in the bedroom. Sky + worked fine downstairs with all subscription channels.

    We got a new sky + box, engineer came last Tuesday. Since then sky + facilities or anytime tv has not worked. Can receive subscription channels ok.

    I have called sky everyday, emailed and not getting anywhere. What has happened is the main card was put in the bedroom box 4 yrs ago when we got sky + /multiroom installed. So when I cancelled multiroom the main account card was cancelled. (why sky + still worked until the new box was installed I dont know!)

    Apparantly this is something the IT dept in sky have to fix, they (CS) cannot reactivate the card, cancel my card I have in the sky + box and reissue a new one, or anything really. They (cs) have sent 3 eforms to IT and promised to have it fixed within 24 hrs, its now nearly a week.

    What am I meant to do?? I have spent a fortune in phone calls, emails seem to be useless. I feel like cancelling, if virgin had sky 1 I would!.

    Are there any offers for new customers, if my husband joined if I cancel? (is this possible?)

    Im at my wits end with SKY. Any advice is much appreciated


    Threaten to cancel? Will hopefully motivate them to do something..or at least drop a few pounds from the monthly bill?

    Original Poster

    Thanks, I have done that twice and the 2nd time they were going to do it too lol catch 22!

    I feel some sort of comp would be in order too, I want to get some advice before I call them yet again tomorrow.

    I never realised how much we used sky + before!!


    Yeah, you should at least try and make them knock off something from your next out daily cost and times by time you didn't have it for?


    When you say you had a new sky+ box installed by an "engineer", do you mean you've just taken a new 12 month contract? Did the guy not test if before he left?

    Original Poster

    There was no mention of a new 12 month contract at anytime during the call. I asked about getting a new box as our old one was starting to play up a bit. I paid £49 for it. If they do say Im contracted in I will ask for a recording of the call as it was never mentioned, 100% on that.

    The engineer came when my H was here and he said it should be on in the next 20 mins, H had to go to work then I called sky when I got home from work as it wasnt on, and again every day since.

    Im just so fed up:?


    They may not have mentioned it, $ky but wouldn't send out an installer and give you a sky+ box for £49!
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