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Hi could you help me I have just been told by someone that you can get like an infa-red socket for your tv in another room and it costs about £10 and you can get sky through it is this true does anyone know ??
Thank you in advanced


Google Audio/Video Senders. I think that's what you are referring to.


or the easiest option which is cheap, google Sky-eye or sky magic eye.

ebay sold these for around £3 as my mum purchased one, may want to google how to set it up first so you know what else you may need

Its worth spending a bit extra to get a decent one, i bought a cheaper one and it was awful.

the magic eye bit i think allows you to change channels from other rooms too. we have sky on every tv in our home by just running a 2nd arial cable from the box upto the booster in the roof which then sends it to every tv that is plugged into an arial socket, but you can only watch whatever is on in the lounge, but the picture is perfect and we dont need any magic eeyes, we had these b4 and found that they picked up a lot of interference from the wii & router etc..

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Thank you the one he was referring to he told me if you brought a universal remote you are able to turn over the channels

What your mate is referring to is the sky magic eye, all it does is send remote control signals from the second room back to the sky box.

To get sky TV in another room you need nothing more than an aerial lead from RF2 OUT on the back of the sky box to the tv RF IN on the back of the TV in the second location. Adding the Sky Magic eye in between the aerial lead at the back of the TV and switching on the power to RF2 in the sky box menu will then allow you to use the sky remote to control the box from the second location.

Be aware though that both the main location and the second location can only watch the same sky channel at a time, to get separate sky channels in different rooms needs to sky boxes.
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