Sky - is it a good offer?

    Been with Sky since Jan 2005 used to have multi room then i canceled it as it wasnt being used

    anyway my Sky+ box is acting up and a few channels dont work properly i went through to the cancellation department yad yad yad so anyway i got offered a new Sky+ box with an 80gig harddrive for £49 this will cure all my problem and if it doesnt any technicalities will be fixed for free as i would now be under a new contract

    to me it sounds pretty good as i could probably flog my old box on ebay and get £30 back atleast thus resolving all my issue's getting a new box with sky on demand whatever the hell that is and it would only cost me £20



    Sounds good My mum is wanting Sky+ for Christmas bus to upgrade it'll cost about £180

    I think there might be a thread somewhere explaining how to get it for free. Not sure though lol.

    If you go through to cancellations, depending on who you get on the other end of the phone, you might be able to get a new box for free, especially as you are out of contract.

    I called up and got my standard sky box in my bedroom upgraded to a sky+ box for free. I went through to cancellations and said I wanted to cancel as I wasn't really happy with sky, Virgin are cheaper blah blah, and in the end they offered me a free sky+ box for my bedroom.

    So if you sound fairly confident that you want to cancel and throw them the line that you are looking at Virgin (maybe take a look at their prices etc first so you sound like you've really been looking into it) and if they come back with the £49, say you're not really happy paying that when you can go elsewhere and pay less and get it all fitted for free. They should, fingers crossed, back down, speak to a manager and come back and say they'll do the box for free. If they don't budge, let them cancel so you dont look daft and call back in a week and say you've changed your mind and want to stay. Hope that gets you the same results as it did me :thumbsup:

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    ok i guess ill give it another try, he tried the stupid this offer is valid today and may not be offered again trick but i dont even have £50 to my name at the moment due to a few cheque's not clearing lol

    You can get Sky+ for free (inc installation) if your a new customer

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    You can get Sky+ for free (inc installation) if your a new customer

    out of interest where from so i can quote it lol
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