Sky - just upgraded to HD no Installation Fee

    Hi guys

    I have jsky and have ust upgraded to sky HD online and when it came to the one off payment, it only included the box price not the installation fee, so was £49. I think they will call me saying that the website is incorrect and not honour it.

    Any thoughts??


    I thought it was just £49.00 at the moment & then an extra £10 per month?


    :x Same happened to me and they didnt honour it instead when i was sent out my info pack i was billed the £29.99 instalation fee , if ur a new customer its free if ur upgrading they will catch u out


    nah snowy thats only if ur a new customer

    Original Poster

    New customers only get the box for £49 and free installation. New customers are suppose to pay installation.

    Did they just send the info pack out, no phone call or anything like that?

    I've already got multiroom so I had a whinge at them that I wasn't happy paying £30 when I already had the multiroom they were trying to make people take out, so the chap put it through on the order that I was having the sky+ box from the living room put in the bedroom (even though that's where my multiroom already is) and it let him waive the £30.

    All I have to do is tell the Sky chap on Sat that all he has to do is put the HD box in the living room as I already have multiroom.

    That's one way round the fee if you're an existing customer..... :whistling:

    Original Poster

    lol, think I will just wait and see what they do first and go from there, a rude telephone call can't do any harm if they do try to stick me with the installation fee.....:roll:

    I got Sky HD installed on the 3rd Feb - new customer £49 all in. They wanted to charge me installation as the Sky was in my GF name., So on the same call i canceled that account and setup a new account with sa,e address and bank details and got the Offer for new customers.

    Crazy how it works!

    We just phoned and threatened to cancel, then sign up in a different name.

    Guy let us have the £30 credited back to the account, so we have a £49 jobby like new customers (installing on 2nd April).
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