Sky max Broadband - Only £10 per month - Now with no "fair use" policy.


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    For some reason my description for this post hasn't appeared? I'll put it here instead.

    For those of us who download vast amounts each month then Sky Max Broadband has got to be worth a look these days. It's only £10 per month and gives an unlimited, up to 16Mb connection, now with no "fair use" policy. As far as I understand the other broadband providers who genuinely offer no fair use policies charge much more than this. I just thought I'd give people the heads up about this if they hadn't heard about it before.
    There's probably info on the Sky site as well, but I found out about it here:…tml

    Thank goodness ! I thought for a moment there we had been invaded :w00t:

    yeh sky broadband is getting better by the day

    shame about thier tv service is so expensive still

    It's £10 a month on top of the cost of Sky TV which it's not availible without. This also only applies to the 30% or so of people who's exchange has been connected to the sky network.

    If that 'contention ratio' disclaimer in the thinkbroadband news is from sky itself I'd suspect that they're switching to traffic throttling from a usage cap which is going to be worse considering that they were one of the few ISPs with a decent cap (several hundred GBs IIRC).
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