Sky Movies & Box Office for August / September - Watchmen on SBO on Sept. 14th

    Upcoming movies on Sky Movies and SBO.

    August Sky Movies:-

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of theCrystal Skull [HD]
    The Cottage [HD]
    Space Chimps [HD]
    Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian [HD]
    Skinwalkers [HD]
    Iron Man [HD]
    Igor [HD]
    The Strangers [HD]
    The Crew [HD]
    Wild Child [HD]
    Death Race [HD]
    Big Stan [HD]
    Never Back Down [HD]
    Penelope [HD]
    The Hunting Party [HD]
    The X-Files: I Want To Believe [HD]
    Meet Dave [HD]
    Brideshead Revisited [HD]

    September Sky Movies:-

    Batman - The Dark Knight [HD]
    Crusade: A March Through Time [HD]
    Dr Dolittle: Tail to the Chief [HD]
    Adulthood [HD]
    100 Feet [HD]
    College Road Trip [HD]
    Hancock [HD]
    Burn After Reading [HD]
    The Jerk Theory [HD]
    Disaster Movie [HD]
    Outpost [HD]
    Bangkok Dangerous [HD]
    The Accidental Husband [HD]
    Fly Me To The Moon [HD]
    Bart Got A Room [HD]
    Tropic Thunder [HD]
    Babylon AD [HD]
    Kill Switch [HD]
    Home of the Brave [HD]
    The Gold Retrievers [HD]

    August Sky Box Office:-

    Push [HD]
    Bronson [HD]
    Marley And Me [HD]
    Confessions Of A Shopaholic [HD]
    Surveillance [HD]
    Hotel For Dogs [HD]
    Valkyrie [HD]
    My Bloody Valentine [HD]
    Pink Panther 2 [HD]
    S. Darko [HD]
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona [HD]
    Franklyn [HD]
    Punisher - War Zone [HD]
    Rachel Getting Married [HD]
    Revolutionary Road [HD]
    Nick And Norahs Infinite Playlist [HD]
    Lesbian Vampire Killers [HD]
    Two Lovers [HD]
    Duplicity [HD]
    The Young Victoria [HD]
    Notorious [HD]
    Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective [HD]
    Hell Ride [HD]
    American Teen [HD]
    The Good, The Bad, The Weird [HD]

    September Sky Box Office:-

    The International [HD]
    Traitor [HD]
    Streets of Blood [HD]
    The Killing Room [HD]
    FAQ About Time Travel [HD]
    Labor Pains [HD]
    Watchmen [HD]
    Fifty Dead Men Walking [HD]
    From Within [HD]
    Cadillac Records [HD]
    Knowing [HD]
    Bottle Shock [HD]
    Hush [HD]
    Diminished Capacity [HD]
    Friday the 13th [HD]
    Paul Blart: Mall Cop [HD]
    Outlander [HD]
    Parasomnia [HD]
    Dead Snow [HD]
    Shifty [HD]
    Management [HD]…asp

    Also got Sky One, Sky Sports & Sky News highlights there.

    Watchmen was at cinema in March. Released on DVD 27th July. SBO on Sept. 14th. Should be on Sky Movies March 2010 for those who can wait.




    Thanks. I will cancel my Sky Mag this month.
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