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Sky new customer problem

Posted 10th Mar
hi i joined sky via internet application but after i registered and finished it said unknown error, so i phoned sky and explained amd they said ok we will cancel that account and make a new one and he gave me a date the sky engineer would come to install... so by text i have received message from sky saying sky tv install date the 11th and a day later i got a email saying sky tv install dates the 13th. so what the? ( i have also received 2 viewing cards )im guessing sky didn't cancel the first account via the internet? would should i do i would phone them now but its 1am
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You should...go to bed and phone them when you get up. 😁
You should...go to bed and phone them when you get up. 😁
Commission mis sellling
Welcome to sky better get used to it
Cancel the order that doesn't have the cashback associated with it, so likely cancel the order placed by phone. When you wake up.
Understand your caution
All sorted now 😄 virgin media want us to stay but eff the price they charge lol
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