Sky Octo LNB Needed

    Hi, as above needed, I need to get hold of one of these, but not to sure where from, have looked on ebay, but didn't know if there's were legit, been alot of fake goods been sold on there, and they seem to go pretty cheap considering if seen brand new ones going for upto £80! I have little idea of where to buy from and from where, so any advice is appreciated



    I'd get one from eBay if I were you, there's certainly one listed with a buy it now price of £14.99 and a seller with over 1500 feedback, mostly for selling sattelite TV accesories - I'd be happy to buy from him. I'd imagine that the reason there's so many cheap ones on ebay is that they've been "liberated" from Sky by their own engineers. A couple of years ago I bought 5 new minidishes with LNB's from ebay for £15 - when I arrived to collect them there was a Sky van on the drive, and the guy had a garage full of stuff, in fact, he sold me 5 brand new panasonic digiboxes for another £100!

    i got a brand new boxed one at home, will do for £20 + delivery

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    i got a brand new boxed one at home, will do for £20 + delivery

    Give you £20 delivered


    Give you £20 delivered

    Yeah thats ok, let me find it first, its at hme somewhere. im at work today until 5ish, i will look for it at reply on here this evening with a photo of the contents of the box. I purchased from ebay but never got round to installing it, quad was enough in the end.
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