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Posted 21st Sep
Hi all can someone tell me if this is a good deal to return to sky, sky q box with entertainment, sports, kids, hd, then superfast broadband with eve & weekend calls free install 18 month contract £68 a month. Just considering it
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Seems OK.

I got all channels, hd, boxsets and Netflix £45, no Fibre or phone
Are you happy to pay 68 quid a month for all that then if you are it's a good deal, you could ask them to chuck Netflix in too
I have all the channels except sports. This includes Netflix and 2 other mini boxes (multiroom), fibre and phone for £55.
Wow how did u get that
fluff4521/09/2019 18:32

Wow how did u get that

For me I went via another company to sort it (forget name) this was through a work discount site. They initially gave me a price and then I negotiated further to get it cheaper.

Recently (months) there was a promo for Netflix to be added and in doing so that reduced my package price again lol I was on a Turkish one before.. so had to be done
No its expensive

i pay £74 a month.
all the channels, including hd, sports hd etc etc

multiroom - sky q 2tb box + x2 minis

superfast broadband + free calls anytime until august next year.
Wow, well I've just got it down to £65 on the live chat they'll give me the sky 2tb box as well...... Still pricey?
I think entertainment can be had for £15, Sport £15, then a pound each for everything else so £32 for tv and around £20 for the broadband, so about £52 all in may be possible, but Sky are getting harder to get a deal out of. The above was when I already had Q, so some of your cost maybe to do with getting the box?
Sky won't budge on £65 God I'm trying everything
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