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Posted 7th Aug 2019
All you have to do is, Go into your Sky ID account and, look at your offers..
You WILL see Ultimate On Demand for £3.00 per month... You will also have to register with Netflix on there Web page.. JOB DONE.....
This is a 30 days rolling contract
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You MAY*.

£10 for me
Make sure you check how long the offer is for..... they offered me it for -£1 a month (yes, a £1 reduction per month) which I did and set up. No mention anywhere of it being a temporary offer, then, when emails confirming it came through it was a 2 month deal, after that price rocketed. Rang them up and they were fab, sorted straight away and simply said it was a known issue on the site.
Sky Q only
It's free for a month then back to £12
We got it for 18 months for £2 month a few weeks back
niconelove07/08/2019 18:41

We got it for 18 months for £2 month a few weeks back

Same but mine was -£3 for 18 months
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