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Found 9th Jul 2008
I use to be with SKY until Jan 2008 when i decided to cancel. I would like to subscribe to SKY again (mainly for sky sports etc) for a month or two but not sure if theres any deals i could benefit from rather than paying the full price - anyone got any deals out there?


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i thought you had to be gone for a year before you were classed as a new customer so you could benefit from new offers. unless you got it signed up in someone elses name.

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its under my name but i was rarely watching it so decided to cancel it. I dont need it until August but a few months back i received an offer of coming back for half price for 3 months - then i didnt need it and of course that offer has now expired.

i received a leaflet through my door which says that if i refer a friend as a new customer both I and the friend get either a sky plus box for free (apparently £75 usually) or a HD box each for £75 each.

dunno if this helps you but i'm still looking for a "friend" to join up so we can both benefit from this!

anyone?! :roll:

I need sky + desparately and woul be happy to be referred to as a 'friend'. I have been with sky for donkeys years..

If anyone needs a referral - get in contact

You can get referred by anyone with Sky at [url]www.sky.com/friend[/url] (if you need any, give me a shout).

Or, sign up in your partners name, and use the 1/2 price for 12 months code on the deals section of the site

When your friend has joined Sky TV and has their Sky account activated, you need to follow these steps to receive your free gift:

[*]Call 08702 412 939 to register for your Sky+ HD Box for £75 or free Sky+ box, or if you prefer, £50 M&S vouchers, by 31 August 2008.[/LIST]
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