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Found 22nd Nov 2008
I've looked on the site, but cant find anything for the following.

Does anyone know how sky class customers as "NEW". What i mean by this is. I want recommend my mother to sky as a new customer. (she's already a current customer).

If she was to cancel and then get my dad to sign up say, a few days later (same address) would that class them a NEW customers.

If i recommend her, then both of us well get a SKY + BOX, or £50 M&S vouchers -- just what I need in time for xmas!?
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They go on details they have. I know people have successfully signed up as a new customer by using their partner instead as the "new customer".

You may get away with it, you may not. Nothing is certain.
A lot of it depends on who you speak to on the phone.

If they ask questions as to why the surname is the same, say that they have split up and the one who usually has sky has moved out.
We did this recently, got my mum to sign up (who had been a sky customer a few years back) so we got the sky+ box as did she, they never mentioned the fact that someone had been a customer there of the same surname.

I suppose its how generous sky are feeling though, we could have just got lucky
if its less than a year since you last had it you are not classified as a 'new' customer
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