Sky one

    Does sky one have a catch up player online
    As i wanted to watch tonights Bones but my stupid sister decided she wanted to come up here and annoy me and watch stupid Katie and Peter urgh lol
    so yeah back to pervioise does sky one have a catch up online lol


    sky anytime if you have sky +

    Original Poster

    Dont have sky plus just normal sky


    sky player

    Is the same episode on Sky 2 tomorrow at 9pm? season 4 episode 6 the he in the she.

    Original Poster

    Not sure, plus im going out tomorrow so cant watch it then
    And yeah that was the one on tonight

    Original Poster


    sky player


    DRAMA: Bones
    On: Sky1 (106)
    Date: Sunday 2nd November 2008 (starting in 2 days)
    Time: 22:10 to 23:10 (1 hour long)

    DRAMA: Bones
    On: Sky2 (107)
    Date: Monday 3rd November 2008 (starting in 3 days)
    Time: 23:10 to 00:10 (1 hour long)
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