Sky or BT ? ? ?

    OK peeps, whats the best value package for the full shebang with either of these rip off merchants?
    Currently, I've got BT option 1 for the phone and broadband and Sky for the endless repeats of deadliest catch and property ladder - cant do without it though!
    Can anyone tell me (in their experience) what the best deal/package is?
    P.S I do need to keep Cbeebies and sports - for when the crab season finishes:thumbsup:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    BT Vision, although a great box, is basically a glorified freeview pvr. The channels are those that you get on freeview. As far as the library of channels you can download goes, movies are ok but the rest is pants, especially the kids.

    When I phoned and ordered I asked, 'my kid likes Tom and Jerry, so will he be able to download that', 'yes, its great', came the answer, and you cant do anything of the sort. The way I thought vision would work would be that you could access the plethora of free internet channels that are out there, especially you tube, but no such luck, it only accesses the BT library, which at the moment is very slim in content.

    The sky+ features that you get with vision are great, but for now I would stick with Sky (the rip off merchants extraordinare)

    All that said though, you can order the BT vision box for £30 installation if you sign up for one of their packages, and I'm told that you can cancel the package after one month of £6. So an new sky+ type freeview pvr for £36 is not too bad a deal.
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