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Found 5th Apr 2018
Hi everyone. About to move into a new property. Currently pay £99 for VIP package with Virgin media but they are not operating where the new house is.

Basically, I would like the top TV package, sky sports and BT sports, free calls anytime and 52mb Broadband (best I can get in the property). Would like additional box for another TV too.

So, do I go for BT (which I vowed I'd never do again) but with BT you can't have multiroom and Sky sports? Or do I go with Sky, but to get BT sports, it is a big additional cost?

Or phone, broadband and BT sport (only) with BT; and TV with multiroom and Sky sports (only) with Sky.
Would it be possible to have two tv players on one TV or would it be a pain to switch all the time?????

Or any other ideas????? Budget is up to £100 per month....

Thanks guys
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Go SKY for ALL TV and multiiroom and then BT for broadband which gives you free sports on your sky box.

Thats what i do, costs me about £70 a month all in.

I only have the SKY Q 2TB box and play everything through that.

You will easy get everything you want for £75 a month
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that sounds good. would i need to select any of the bt tv packages to get this?
With all those tv channels to watch when do you get time to do anything else except get " tv eyes "
LOL. Better get off my laptop too then !!!!
Gosh I'm shocked......You find time to get on a lappy tooooo........your day must be many hours longer than us mere mortals....
Best for me is PlusNet for 35GB broadband , phone + all calls ( with BT Sport through the SKY box ) about £40 per month . Then SKY for Sky sports +Box sets +basic channels -just gone up to £31 a month (SKY+ box not Q ) .

PlusNet (owned by BT) have been excellent . Originally chose them for the cheap BT Sports (now £10.99 a month) but their service has been great . Did me a great renewal deal last year and when my router failed last month they couriered a new one to me that arrived within 24 hours free of charge .

I would always split these services where possible as you may have to go to the wire with a cancellation threat to get a new deal and you wouldn't want to lose everything at once if they won't bite .

As you will be a "new customer" you should get introductory deals and also a hefty chunk of cashback from TCB or Quidco .
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mooruk8 h, 13 m ago

that sounds good. would i need to select any of the bt tv packages to get …that sounds good. would i need to select any of the bt tv packages to get this?


You just need the broadband to qualify for free BT sport
Might have to pay a bit to get it on sky - £5 a month but the deal i got they waived that for 18 months.
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BT Sport on Sky without BT broadband is £25.99
BT Sport on Sky with BT broadband is £10.00
BT Sport on BT TV with BT broadband is £3.50

Prices above are standard prices, so you can get a discount but having BT broadband is the cheapest way for BT Sports.
Some offers there for TV or mobile simcards new customers full package 40.00pm also sim card deals with free calls and texts from 3.75pm
With sky and BT sports? And extra box for 2nd TV? And hd?
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