Sky or Plusnet for unlimited broadband

Found 30th May 2014
Who would you go with , anyone recommend either from experience or anyone had a problem with either , not much different in monthly price and speed ( sky only slightly more ) my main concern is that the unlimited IS unlimited as we will be streaming quite a bit and will have 4 of us using various gadgets at one time .
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I am with plusnet for quite some years now, and it is definitely unlimited. No restrictions and no slowdown when using excessive. And we use a lot.
With sky download what you want and they say sod all .
PlusNet have traffic management policies for P2P services so they slow you down. Sky don't.

I would go with Sky.
We have plus net fibre, had a deal last year and we only pay £9 a month.speed is good though not on par with Virgin, Which magazine have zen and plusnet as top broadband provider, from experience of Sky that I know people have had, they really give you a hard time when you want to terminate your contract, you can expect to be on the telephone for at least 4 hours to do this, and I'm not exaggerating. I have never had any trouble with Plusnet at all
I've recently moved to Plusnet and it's like a breath of fresh air after years of Orange/EE!
sky asdsl+2 unlimited user d/l a tb in a month with no throttling
I've been thinking of switching too. I considered talktalk as they didn't throttle or traffic manage. I thought sky did throttle?
I've been thinking of switching too. I considered talktalk as they didn't throttle or traffic manage. I thought sky did throttle?
I have had both sky and talktalk and had problems with them both...I have now been with plusnet for 2 yrs and guess what....no problems at all.. they even email you every month to remind you when they will be taking payment just in case your bank balance is getting low...helps avoid late payment costs etc...
which is the best broadband provider for unlimited fiber optic ?
I'd say Sky. They have been more reliable than PlusNet.
Thanks everyone for replies, still non the wiser really , after a bit of research apparently you have a 28 day cooling off period to swap provider if not happy with speed/service ( so sky fella told me ) going to look into it more over weekend.
I'm on a Sky contract that is £35 a month for TV, phone and broadband. It's a bit too pricey for my liking as I only need bband. However, I've never had any problems with Sky in over three years of being with them. Customer service is spot on, no complaints.

Previously I had lots of hassle with VM and my dad had a nightmare trying to get TalkTalk (never even got round to activating his service). They messed him about so much he ended up going back to VM. He wanted to leave VM because their bills to him never seemed to quite add up/make sense (I found the same problem - on top of their poor customer service).

All of my family have been with previous service providers but then eventually ended up with Sky. Since then they have been happy. On top of that of all the people I know using Sky I have not heard any complaints.

I would say go for Sky but then I've never been with Plusnet. However, I've heard plenty of praise about them from colleagues at work.

Horses for courses no doubt.
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Last 12 months I have been with plusnet unlimited bb+phone and they have been the best isp I used in my flat sofar over the last 4 years. Getting max speed of 14mbps and the phone was clear. The quibble is their supplied technicolor tg582n router is know to be a rubbish router. The last few months or more the router has been cutting out a few times during the day everyday. If you go on eBay you'll see the router being put up for sale mostly.

Prior to plusnet I had sky unlimited and never got above 3mbps and the phone line quality was very poor. I live right next to the city of London so my exchange is there. When plusnet informed sky I was going over to them, sky all of a sudden increased my speed 8mbps during the last week or so before I moved over! Idiots!

Since I have been told that I can get fibre broadband now, I have now decided to move over to BT infinity 2 package and the new home hub 5 router is rated the best supplied router by any of the isp's. Supposedly all isp's now should be following BT's example of how to supply a good router. I would have stayed with plusnet net, but their supplied router is the same as the one supplied for adsl but made for fibre. So I have had to compensate good customer service from plusnet for a better router from BT.
Benefits of being with Sky Broadband is that they constantly ring you up and ask whether you would like a Sky TV Package also!...
Sky broadband was meant to be free with my tv package, now they insist on charging £10 a month for it, terrible customer service.

Plusnet is the way to go.
We used to be with plusnet for a few years - had nothing but excellent service. Anything went wrong they were very quick to investigate and resolve asap and always keeping me updated with progress. However, I ended moving to BT last August (min 18 month contract) as they'd just introduced Fibre Optic in my area. Within 3 months of moving, Plusnet also started rolling out Fibre Optic, had I have known I would have waited and not moved to BT.

Crazy thing is that Plusnet is Owned by BT, yet they have 12 month and are cheaper vs BT's 18 month contract. BT also offered BT WIFI, & BT Smart talk apps which as a family we've found (the latter) very useful and free BT Sport. I also noticed when we took up BT Broadband (even though we already had 12 months advance line rental that included Anytime calls for £5pm) to keep the Anytime calls our rate went up by another £2 per month. We had lots of teething problems switching to BT Infinity (2), that took a couple of months to settle/sort out with lengthy off shore CS phone calls. We still have issues internal wifi seemed to be slower than when we were with Plusnet - so invested in new "homeplugs"

When my BT contracts runs out I'll be looking at going back to Plusnet and seriously consider taking my phone line with them too. In the last couple of months I've recommended Plusnet to friends/neighbours who were looking to move and they've been more than happy with Plusnet, especially since they were able to get a special new customer deal.

Sorry don't know much about sky BB so can't really comment. Personally I feel Sky have enough of my money in monthly (sky+HD) subscriptions and I still feel the deal I'll be getting with Plusnet will be better financially.
We cancelled our sky tv recently as we stream everything which we watch. I was going to change provider, but we were worried about dropping speed with someone else (we currently get 7.2mbps). Sky told me that we stream an average of 100gb a month!! We are now paying £17.90pm for line rental, unlimited bb & weekend calls. Sky truly is unlimited & they don't throttle!!
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