Sky or Sky+

    I am going to get sky, think that there was a posting saying that there was a way to get it for £7.50 a few weeks ago. But I can't find it, does anyone still have the posting???? I am also interested if tehre are any deals to be had on Sky+.



    That deal was hard to get and has expired now.

    When I called them about a week and a half ago, the best deal they could give me was full price subscription but with a sky+ box for £49 with free installation (normally £99 and £60 installation)
    Im waiting for a better offer!

    sky+ is best

    Beware of sky+, its that good that you won't be able to go without it.

    sky plus every time got the £49 deal its a good deal go for it

    called sky today to cancel, they offered me a refurb sky+ box for £0 installed. Told them I wasn't interested in a refurb so they offered me a new one for £49 and would resite my old box to give me multi-room for free. Unfortunately, I had my calculator infront of me and worked out how much the contract would cost me over the year. Actually took me over 30 mins to cancel. They are persistent.
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