Found 8th Oct 2008
I've recently bought a new HD ready TV and was thinking of getting Sky+. But was wondering whether to go for the Sky+ HD box or just normal sky+?
Does it cost more a month to pay when you have Sky+ HD? And if there is any deals out there where I can get it cheaper.

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Get someone you know with Sky already to recommend you, then go through quidco for extra cashback. But the recommend a friend bags both of you some vouchers :thumbsup:


it costs £10 a month to have sky HD and nothing for sky +

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Thanks for that I have heard about the recommend the friend scheme. But does that mean that I will have to leave sky first as I am already an existing member?

If you're already an existing subscriber you can get sky hd installed for £105 ( £75 for the box and £30 for installation). You will also have to pay £10 a month for the hd mix. Sky will also credit your account with £15 and you can get £15 cashback if you go through quidco. See ]SKY for details.

There was a post on hukd about this, but I cant find it at the moment. :oops:

just got sky hd for £49 installed but i did cancel 4 months back

How did you get it for £49? Retention Dept?

Is it possible to use both quidco and recommend a friend?

I can confirm i cancelled sky in September and have received a letter offering me SKY+HD for £49 with free standard installation. I only had to take out the base sky package for £17 + the HD package for another £10 total £27 a month. Its just plain nuts as i was on a £55 package when i cancelled and they wern't interested in offering me any thing. I am now with virigin and to tell you the truth the V+ box upscales the picture close to TVHD anyway (720P), when i compare the standard BBC broadcast to the HD broadcast. If sky had me me that offer when i was a customer i would hve probably taken it up (Even if they had offered me the £75 + half price install i might have been tempted). It just seems to me they like treating their existing customers like rubbish and are more interested in numbers than what the customer actually has.


How did you get it for £49? Retention Dept?

It seems to get this offer you actually have had to cancel and left Sky, makes loads of sense.

Sky is running its recommend a friend offer again so I though I would ask if anyone that is thinking of having Sky TV installed wants to be recommended.

As I'm an existing Sky customer if I recommend you, you will get a Sky + box installed instead of the standard box or you can have a HD box for £49 if you take out the HD pack.

I will also benefit from recommending you as I will be able to upgrade to a Sky + box.

So if anyone is interested just let me know & I can give you more details.

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