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Found 2nd Aug
I am in a chat with sky who are offering me fibre max broadband and tv for 50 quid a month.
I am with virgin on a vivid 200 broadband.
He tells me that sky would be enough for me with 3 consoles all playing fortnite.
Do you think it will be ok or haggle with virgin?
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Virgin for Broadband
Sky for TV
Been with virgin for years, definitely recommend
Virgin for Broadband
Sky for TV
Apparently I am still in contract with virgin till next month so will try again . Guy on chat told me it was going up next month but it isn't.
Virgin best in my area, it is going to depend tbh, you are getting hooked up to a line/swithc with 50 other people, you might get 49 other power users and get crap internet or with another provider sharing with people who use ocasionally.
Have been with all of them. Sky, BT, Talk Talk, Virgin, Plusnet (yes, they do TV).

I've never had Sky Q though, so I'm basing my opinion on classic Sky+ HD.

Currently a Virgin customer and have been for a month. Was a BT customer for a year and Sky the year before that.

The Virgin Broadband Hub doesn't deliver as strong a WiFi signal as my old BT Smart Hub. The signal is quite weak upstairs whereas with the BT Hub, it was consistent.

Actual broadband line speeds (not talking about WiFi here) are much better on Virgin. I get around 108Mbps down and 6Mbps up. I have their VIVID 100 product. With BT Fibre (or any other BT based service like Sky), I only topped around 25Mbps down and 4Mbps up, because my property is quite a distance from the local green fibre BT cabinet.

The Virgin V6 box is great. Once you've downloaded and installed the essential updates the first time you've switched it on after install (beware, this takes about 45 minutes!) it is lightning fast. It is faster to navigate through menus than my old Sky+ HD Box, and I thought that was quick.

The V6 Boxes are TiVo based, so there are so many options to tinker with with regards to recording programmes, setting reminders, getting suggestions based on what you've watched etc.

The interface on the V6 Boxes isn't as user friendly as the Sky+ interface. The interfaces of Sky+, and from what I've seen of Sky Q, appear cleaner and more user friendly than the interface found on the V6 Box.

The YouView box from BT, and the ones I also had from TalkTalk and Plusnet, do NOT compare in any way to Sky or Virgin boxes. They're very slow in comparison.

Hope this helps.
A friend was recently only getting 50/60 kbs on Virgin anyone who remembers good old dial up can relate to them sort of speeds- anyway they knew of an issue and it was going to take them two months to fix. So they said he can leave his contract free of charge due to the issue!
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I prefer Sky. Ok Virgin was faster but there router was crap and went offline several times. Sky were more reliable.
Playing games doesn't use much bandwidth. I'm not sure about Fortnite specifically but I'd expect 5Mbps to be plenty for three simultaneous copies of almost any game (and that's allowing for peaks, average data use is in the tens of kilobits per second). Although a faster connection will speed up downloads and get you into the game faster on launch or patch day.

You certainly don't need anything like 80Mbps, let alone 200Mbps.
Sky will tell you the sun not rise if it gets them a sale, as said virgin for BB, think about even now TV instead of sky always plenty of offers if you keep your eye out b
Virgin far better as you can have extremely fast broadband and have the sky channels . My friends got sky and I can’t believe he has to download a film before watching it on demand lol with virgin it’s instant and he can’t get anywhere near the 300 meg I’m on .
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