Found 8th Jan 2010
Moving house, currently a Virgin customer so I am wondering what people think would be the cheapest. I need unlimited internet, want HD, want recording facility but don't need a huge amount of channels.... not bothered about free calls etc. If new customers get better deals, it can go in my wife's name, but I've been with Virgin for about 5 years so think I should be able to get a good deal too.

What do you all think?


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I prefer Sky (having been a customer of both), but I've heard Virgin maybe cheaper.

Is it all about price or service? Personally I get extremely good service with Sky, and they sort problems out instantly when they occur.
I know I may be in the minority on this one so be best to get other opinions!

I recently just had the same connumdrum as yourself and decided upon Virgin in the end becuase it works out cheaper...
We have their bundle pack of 10mb internet (unlimited downloads), telephone and lowest TV package for £29pcm. But the first two months they only charge £11 & they also gave us their best tv package for 2 months free...which we will cancel at the end.
There was no installisation charge because we did it ourselves, which was very quick and easy I might add.

The key point for us was that for Sky broadband requires an active BT line, which is around the £100 mark... While Virgin doesn't!

Only thing I would say is that I 'think' Sky is better equipped for HD TV than Virgin...

if you take sky they will activated your line for £39 if you dont have a line installed, much better than bt and you dont have to join virgin who are just rubbish
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