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I am currently with Sky, I have a Sky + Box and Sky Muliroom with two Sky Boxes (which cost an additional £10 each a month). I have Variety, Music and Sky Sports package and all together it totals £55 a month which is pretty pricey.

I have been with Sky about a year and was looking at getting Sky Movies (and getting rid of my Lovefilm account) but with Sky Movies it would bring my monthly cost up to £65 which is pretty ridiculous.

I have now been looking at Virgin Media, I know that you don't get Sky 1 with Virgin, but is that the only thing that you don't get? Also, does anyone know how you can "build a package" online with Virgin, I just seem to be going in circles!

It would be interesting to hear your opinions on what service is better, in terms of what they offer and value wise?




I think you will find they are pretty evenly matched, thus why you have so much confusion.

Still, my advice would be to speak to Sky, as a valued customer they would like to retain you. They may be able to offer you a deal, if you threaten to leave

stick with sky and threaten to leave ull get something


Sky is definately the better service and have better boxes.........price wise around the same.

sky! !!!

I'm with Virgin and absolutely love their service. Wouldn't touch Sky with a very long bargepole (I know someone who got stitched up by them). But as the others say, if you are happy with Sky and can push them to give you a good deal to stay, then why not.

Sky hands down.

Original Poster

Ok, I am still with Sky and now have all channels.

Very long evening trying to get it sorted out though. I spoke to Virgin who confirmed that I did have the neccessary cables to get Virgin Media (as I was looking at getting their VIP Package which is TV, Broadband and Phone). Called back about 10 minutes later and spoke to someone different who said I didn't have the cables so couldn't have it.............................useful. I doubled checked this on their website too and the second person was right, I can't get it).

Sooo, Sky was my only choice. To be honest, I did want to stay with Sky as it has Sky One and I wouldnt need to mess about getting new stuff installed and connected, so it all worked out really.

Spoke to someone Cancellation Department, because the drip I got originally said there wasnt any offers on my account and refused to do anything. The person in the cancellations department was very nice but couldn't do much because all I wanted was upgrading which they can't really do much with price wise. She did however reduce the costs of my Multiroom subscription on one of my boxes from £10 to £5 for six months and told me in six months to call back and they would put that offer back on. So, I went with that as it would only be £5 a month more than I am paying now. Within 10 minutes I had all the channels in my house.

Now, the interesting bit is, she would only put the discounted subscription on one box as apparently they can't do more than one offer at a time. However, when I look at my online statement, the discount is on two boxes. So I am actually paying the same amount as I was before? Confusing -I printed it off just in case they try and change it again!

I'm taking out a Virgin Broadband-only subscription later this afternoon - I don't care if Sky really is better, I'm not giving Rupert Murdoch a penny!


I'm taking out a Virgin Broadband-only subscription later this afternoon … I'm taking out a Virgin Broadband-only subscription later this afternoon - I don't care if Sky really is better, I'm not giving Rupert Murdoch a penny!

I wouldn't give Murdoch any money either!

£50 a month to watch TV, on top of a license fee, it's ridiculous - even barmy!
All Sky subscription fees go up again in September too.
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