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Posted 17th Mar 2010

Ive just had an outbound call from someone claiming they were from Sky offering to give me as an existing customer a Sky HD box for free and 12 months free HD subscription rental if I sign a new 12 month contract. Also said after the 12 month contract they would bill the £10 per month but I could cancel it straight away if I wanted to.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar call and whether anyone knows if there is any catch as it sounds a bit too easy.

Thanks in advance
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I havent had any phone calls like that. It does sound a bit fishy though, usually they would offer 3 months free subscription, with a 12 month contract so you still end up paying most of it. I doubt they would just give you 12 months no-obligation for free.

Did they give you a number to call back? Maybe you should call Sky and find out if it was them who called you and ask about the deal.
Probably a third party. In future if you get these kinds of offers, best thing to do is to end the call as soon as you hear deal, saying "That sounds interesting, but I'm kinda in a rush right now. Can you give me your phone number and a reference number so I can call you back?", or words to that effect. If they say no, 99% of the time it's because they're dodgy, if they say yes, 80% of the time they're still dodgy but you can google the number to find out first and save yourself the hassle, and if they're part of the other 20%, quids in.
Nope, not had a call, but sounds like a fair deal to me, I bet they will sting you with the installation costs.
It depends what Sky package you're on now and how long you're tied in to the current contract. HD is probably their best selling point so the more punters they can persuade to take it means the better their chances are of retaining them as customers.

If you're in any doubt, just phone up Sky.
Yes, this is a Sky campaign at the moment - they basically select certain customers (can't remember what the criteria is) and make the call-out.

Yes, this is a Sky campaign at the moment - they basically select certain … Yes, this is a Sky campaign at the moment - they basically select certain customers (can't remember what the criteria is) and make the call-out.

my criteria was as follows if it helps anyone.

New Sky+ Customer from April 2009. In August 2009, i took the Sports channels 1, 2, and 3. Got a 10% discount for 6 months on those Sports channels too. Start of March, I emailed Sky asking about cancellation procedures, they emailed me back stating 30 days or something. Then about 2 days later, They phoned my mobile phone from an 0845 number which when you google, shows up as a Sky number.
got it installed monday (this offer), its ace
I would take up the offer first, ask questions later! :-D
Just had a call from Sky Outbound - the guff went like this -' we have had feedback from our existing cutomers that we are offering new customers better deals than their existing customers have, so they are calling me to offer me some deals'. Great!! What are these fantastic offers I ask keenly. First I need some information says the oik on the other end.. Name, address, date of birth, password, Sky account number ...... remember he called me. Of course I objected when it got to DOB - never give this out. He said he could only tell me about the fantastic offers once I gave him the information. I asked him if he would like my bank account and pin number to boot! I put the ophone down and called Sky. They told me that they 'have never heard of Sky Outbound, sorry'. Obviously yet another lie from this Company. I do intend to report them for this sort of misselling. In this day and age of security and ID theft what the hell are they doing making calls like this. I also intend to cancel my subscription, mostly a waste of money in any case.
Reporting them for mis-selling?

What did they mis-sell you?
I had a new Sky HD box from sky but it was a leaflet through the door to me, I got free Sky HD for 4 months and I wasn't locked in for 12 months cancelled after 6 months
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