sky pay once watch for ever....

these still about? i got one last xmas for a friend and at that time you HAD to have a BT land line, they'd just moved in, no phone so SKY wouldnt install it..

Had to take it back to argos and argue about giving money back...

wondering if you can still get them?


nah they stopped them a while back, they were pretty bad tbh, i picked one up in april time, after the 4 mths of the packages i cancelled fine, got 3 letters after that saying i terminated a 12 mth contract early and they demanded like £120.

i rang up, half the CS had no clue of this offer (POWF) and said i had to pay the termination fee or continue a 12 mth contract. in the end i finally got one who 'believed' me and they cancelled the contract and added a credit on the account to the amount of the termination fee.

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Don't look like it, does it … Don't look like it, does it ?

yeah, £150 is an outrageous JOKE!


yeah, £150 is an outrageous JOKE!

Just a bit .
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