Sky Phones Recycling-DO NOT USE THEM!

    I would just like to point out to anyone that is thinking of recyling an old phone-DO NOT USE SKY PHONES.

    If you look on a recyling compare website, 9 times out of 10 this place will offer you a better price than anyone else. Then when they get your phone (and take 2 weeks to look at it) they offer you a lot less cash (£11 less in my case) due to scratches which you know were not there when you sent the phone!

    If you decline this they charge you £12 to send the phone back to you, and if you accept, it takes weeks, even months to get your money.

    Im still waiting for my cash so please BEWARE!


    Thanks Cara!

    I always use fonebank regardless of the price.

    Extremely great service and lenient with their rules. always had money within 72 hours.

    Fonebank and mazuma are the top 2 for me, never any issues.If you not sure you can check the reviews on TCB for each phone recyling website.

    PRB have been brill for me- £3 quidco and £2 for sending it off yourself to a freepost address... They even provide the envelope - you just have to write on it - PLUS they give awesome prices...

    my friend used these and had problems then i read the reviews, unbelievable and just enforces the need to research stuff first, we will all do heaps of searching for a good deal and sometimes let ourselves down with the research bit. Op general consensus is to contact the trading standards agencey for that area, they have a dossier although resolution seems hit and miss it seems the best way to go.
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