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    my sky plus box will not turn on from standby . i have tried turning it off for a few minutes and then back on also tried taking the card out and new batteries in the remote but nothing only the red eye staring back at me anybody got any ideas what could be wrong with it


    Same thing's happened to my box. If I was still subscribed to Sky I would've gave them a ring and sorted it then. Are you on subscription?

    edit: Quick Google:…865

    Try pulling the plug from the mains for 10 seconds.


    Try pulling the plug from the mains for 10 seconds.

    Usually works for me, when my Sky HD box plays up. If this doesn't work then call Sky..Do NOT email them..
    I have just received a reply from them answering a query I submitted 9 days ago..I sorted it days ago..LOL.


    Try pulling the plug from the mains for 10 seconds.

    I agree about the mains plug.

    This happened to me just a couple of days ago.

    I pulled out the mains plug for 30 seconds or so, then plugged it back in, and after a few seconds while the box sorted itself out it came back on.

    I dont like doing that because I have a Sky+ box with a hard disk in it so never like pulling out the mains plug, but sometiomes that is all that will work.

    yeah the mains thing is the quick fix, but if you listen carefully, the moment your fan comes on in the unit you can turn it ON again It happened to me as well, just 13 months into the contract, aka 1 month after warranty finished. Its more of an inconvinience right now. Usually I have to either wait 2-4 mins for the fan to turn ON, then I use the remote to turn it ON, or I just switch the Mains OFF for a couple of mins and turn the box back ON. Apparently SKY sent an update to all the sky boxes, which wasnt compatible with the old Sky+ boxes. Sky refuses to admit this, and will charge £60 to repair outside warranty!!

    Did it work then.
    An update would be nice. :-D

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your suggestions but my box is still dead i think it has had its day because it is one of the early skyplus boxes so i think it looks like having to be a new box
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