sky plus?

    does any one know if you put buy a sky plus box from ebay does sky plus wurk, or do you gotta pay the extra ten punds a munth tosky?xx


    i think the best deal at the mo is through quidco as you would get £110 cashback.

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    yeah i already hav normal sky tho!

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    also like the ones you get on a gazebo

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    wro gpostlol sorru xx

    sky just rang me up to offer sky+ free, with no installation charge and no £10/month subscription charge. maybe worth giving them a ring.
    i cancelled sky in january, so they've done this to get me back

    you can buy one off ebay but wont beable to use the record facility etc you can still watch sky but dosnt let you use the features unless you pay extra £10 a month also they have to come out to fit a second cable runnign from dish or the record etc wont work

    Sky have dropped the £10 per month fee for having Sky+.

    Ring up say you wanna cancel, they give you a few money saving options.

    And if sky arnt playing ball with the ol "I want to cancel GOD DAMMIT" Routine yes an Ebay Sky+ box will work. I even fitted quad lnb and an extra feed too for like £4!

    Sky dont care who installed ur box/dish either. I just said a 3rd party did it (i.e. me!)

    If you want a brand new sky+ box fitted for £49.99 phone them up, ask to be put through to the retentions department, and tell them that you've friends have got sky + for £49.99. They'll say that they can't do it for that and ask you what you want to do. Say that you'll leave if you can't have it for that price. They say they'll speak to a manager and lo and behold as a valued customer sky will offer it to you for that price. Instillation normally takes 2-5 days. I did it, I've done it for my dad. It definetly works.
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