Found 29th Oct 2009
i have a dish on the wall with a quan LNB running from it
2 leads to the down stairs box - fully paid for
i have ran the other 2 leads to the spare room.

can i put a sky plus box in there, use it as a free view box, but still use the sky plus facility
record, pause ect ect

do i need a box and card that came together?

all advice hughly appreciated.

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If you have a current sky subscription you can just get a sky+ box from somewhere and go multiroom. (you will need a telephone socket to connect the box to)

The sky+ features will not work at all if the box has no subscription.

you need a second sky+ subscription, i added a second sky+ subscription to my multiroom (it was free when i did it, should still be free) you can use any box, you'll need a card from sky and you'll need sky to pair that card with the sky+ box in your spare room which can be done with a call to sky.

Yes you can use it as a freesat box you just need a freesat card for around £20, you need to have a multiroom sub to activate the Sky+ part

Q: I already have Sky digital satellite equipment - what else do I need?
A: All you need to gain access to the free channels available on the digital satellite platform is a Freesat from Sky viewing card, which costs just £20. If you’d like to access the interactive services available, you’ll also need a working phone line. To purchase a viewing card please phone Sky on 08448 244 400.

If you pay for multiroom all you need to do is get the 2nd sky+ box and tell them to activate the card for sky+. They don't charge for doing this :-)

Original Poster

sorry forgot to mention i dont want to pay any extra, i just want the pause, record ect ect to work with the free view channels.

Cant be done then m8

Is multiroom chargeable for each box or just a one-off fee? Can i get a multiroom subscription, then add more boxes myself?

Yeah you can add the boxes yourself, bear in mind that it does need to also be plugged into a phone line as they do check multiroom boxes are where they should be.


Yeah you can add the boxes yourself, bear in mind that it does need to … Yeah you can add the boxes yourself, bear in mind that it does need to also be plugged into a phone line as they do check multiroom boxes are where they should be.

And it's just the one £10 subscription?

Yes you just pay £10 nothing else , you will also have to ring up Sky to pair the new boxes to the cards, they should send you some cards when you ask for multiroom

It is £10 per extra box - the poster seemed to be asking about adding multiple boxes.

Too many people posting answers in this thread who haven't listened to the OP clearly. The OP has stated that he doesn't want ANY extra monthly costs.

Unfortunately you won't be able to use Sky+ pause / rec features on a second box in the bedroom without taking out a £10pm mirror subscription. You will of course be able to receive all the free to view channels on the box without a second subscription but just no Sky+ facilities.

If you really want to avoid the extra £10pm and use Sky+ facilities your best bet would be to run a length of coax cable from the RF2 output on Sky+ box in the living room into the bedroom and install a Magic Eye at the bedroom end (£5 eBay). You'll be able to watch the downstairs Sky+ box in the bedroom and control the channels and Sky+ facilities from upstairs. However you'll only be able to watch one channel at a time like this and of course there could be times when the person downstairs wants to watch Sky at the same time as the person upstairs and for such ocasions you could install a normal digibox upsairs for free to view channels.

Also unless you are going to be paying the extra £10pm you will find that the second cable you installed in the bedroom will be made redundant as the second feed is only used for recording purposes. A Sky+ box used for free to view will only require one cable, just like a normal digibox.
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