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    When i have recorded something on Sky Plus, is there a way if then copying that programme onto the computer? Ive seen a usb slot at the back of the box but wouldnt know how to copy onto it. Cheers in advance


    Essentially, no you can't. That USB port doesn't do anything. I think it was put there for future upgrades/features.

    You can copy FTA programmes i believe from Sky+ by putting the hard drive from the Sky+ unit in your PC, but you can't do it for other Sky channels as they are encrypted.

    im sure the sky bloke said you could back it up but grrr i dont remember how

    The Sky bloke told me that it was there so when they needed to swap a faulty box they could back up the recorded programs onto the replacement box.

    You can copy any programs from your Sky+ to DVD - not sure on direct form box to PC

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    Cheers guys, im gonna borrow my bros dvd recorder, play the shy plus box and record onto his hard drive on the dvd and then put it on usb then onto comp, long way round but i think it will work - hopefuly
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