Sky+ problem, stuff saying clashed.. when it hasn't.

    Had this problem a few weeks ago, rebooted the box and it seemed to fix it, just noticed it's done it again... Have done some googling and it appears it's a symptom of a failing hard drive? Sometimes it's also difficult to power the box back on after I turn it off.

    Just wondered if it's easy to replace that, or what the chances of getting a new box out of Sky are if I threaten to go to NTL etc. The box is out of warranty.



    They went ages ago, merged with Telewest and Virgin to become Virgin Media.

    I dont think Sky would offer you a new box tbh, but its worth a try, how about buying another from ebay etc? would be cheaper

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    NTLThey went ages ago, merged with Telewest and Virgin to become Virgin … >NTLThey went ages ago, merged with Telewest and Virgin to become Virgin Media.

    omg, I flashed back to the 90's there lol

    I was still with NTL when they switched to Virgin too lol :oops:

    night be worth you asking about the insurance - i got special deal for 3 years

    had 2 new boxes and 2 remotes so far -

    we had this problems and sky replaced the box no questions , my sister had same prob box not under warrenty and shed been with em years and she told em if they didnt sort it shes was canceling her contract and going to virgin media and she got a brand new box and new dish.

    Threaten to leave!! But don't threaten them with NTL as they may laugh... Check if you can get Virgin first as they do check.

    If you argue enough they will get a box out to you within a few days.

    Sky have such a monopoly they treat their customers like carp!

    Good Luck!

    Threaten to leave and you should get a new box, I did:thumbsup:

    if you tell them the prob they might help u over the phone i had this prob and they told hubby what to do they can check at there end what the fault is ours was fixed in seconds over the phone

    we have had probs what cant be fixed before and we were out of warentee and out of contract they wanted us to pay for new box we just said no we cant afford one just cancel our sky we will do without and they suddenly could give us a box for free, its a reconditioned one tho like for like they say but the box has been great

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    Yeah I've just looked at Virgin media, I can get it here, so might give Sky a call and try it on.

    I think it's disgusting, you pay all that money to them every month and they don't even fix the box for you after 12 months.

    I just rebooted the box, took ages to power back up, but it's ok now, recording stuff again.

    mine keeps jammin in standby stupid cap in psu
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