Sky Q...

    .....worth looking in to? The wife is now against leaving Sky so wondered if upgrading to Sky Q would be worth it,? Cheers


    i have now tv myself 2 smartboxes and roku in my little boys room for about £15 a month (cheaper depending on vouchers) we get sky movies live and on demand now tv enteratinment bundle same and kids packs a lot cheaper than sky multiroom etc.

    Will you use the Q app or mini boxes? If not then it's not so different.

    I would leave and come back. Uswitch has no contract internet providers or 3 month contract internet providers. You could also get Now Tv which provides catch up, box sets, movies, sports and live tv depending on your package. The begging letters are still coming to me six months on. I have checked and I am eligible for a large discount. Google: 'come back to sky'. Login your account under the link to get the discount (For all others that have quit but may go back within 12 months)

    I have Sky Q and i'm happy with it and the mini box works great, not having to always worry about storage space is a big plus, I don't really use the extra features it comes with like the app for continuous watching and all that jazz.

    My only gripe is without internet it stops working, so unless you have a reliable connection don't change, I once went a week without internet with my old Sky HD box but I had recordings to see me over, Sky Q won't let you access recordings without it being connected to the internet.

    You can record more programmes at the same time which is a plus

    Touch pad remote is a pain in the neck

    If you select a programme from the TV menu and you don't like it (if I remember correctly) the back button doesn't bring you back to the programme list. I really miss this

    Sky Q app doesn't work... I download 3 films to tablet before going away... we played the film when we were on the plane...there was an error half way through the film..... All films couldn't load..... max download is twice per film.

    Its ok

    The router has two ethernet ports. Definitely invest in a desktop switch if you do!

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    Thanks for replies. May I ask, not that technically minded, but what is a desktop switch, what does it do, and recommendations on one? Thanks in advance.
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