Sky Q freezing

Posted 22nd May 2017
Does anyone elses Sky Q box keep freezing? Mine is doing it every couple of days , the screen just goes black , keys don't do anything , have to turn it off at the mains.
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try different HDMI cable first
Mine doesn't do it as often, maybe once a week, but seems to do it more coming out of viewing a recording and then back on channel in background that I'm currently recording.
It's definitely software related, tried every combination possible. Still can't muti room either at 1080p on wired connection, grr!
Overheating ?

This reckons he's switched off 2.4GHz and it sorted his problem, I'm skeptical but give it a go anyway.
I use wired connection, wireless disabled on both boxes and still get the issues. Might try moving the box onto top of my unit for better cooling see if it is hot related.
Ours did this virtually every day, sometimes several times a day. It's a software update that's required.
Maybe once a week or once a fortnight mine will lock up and has to be pysically unplugged, doesn't happen enough for it to annoy me though.
mine would do it nearly every day at first. Now it's probably once a month for me
Our multi-room Sky Q box did this every couple of days. Seem to have solved it by turning tv on first, then the sky q box. And turn box off first when done watching, followed by the tv. Not had it freeze since doing this routine
Mine was doing the same almost from the get go, got an engineer out, he said it was to do with my TV remote which the original installation engineer had set up to switch Sky Q on with it, but after removing that option in the Sky Q settings I've had no problems for the past 3 months, worth giving them a call
Just had Sky Q installed last week. Initially had the same issues, mini box freezing, proximity issues, failed recordings. Eventually managed to speak with Sky Level 3 tech support, known as the Mesh Team. I didn't realise that they could obtain data from the system remotely and identify the issues.
I had multiple issues including a faulty box, low mesh coverage to one of the rooms, issues with the power standby late evening, issues with the mini box trying to connect on 2.4Ghz to my Talktalk router, rather than connecting to the main Sky Q box.
Eventually, after over the phone support and one engineer visit, it seems pretty stable now and am really impressed. I also requested and received credit to the account as a gesture of goodwill for the loss of service.
I've been really impressed with the support from Sky, but this was provided after I requested cancellation of the contract!!!!!!
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Just use the sky plus box saved the hassle
Have tried a few different hdmi cables and the box is well ventilated with nothing on top of it or underneath. I usually do a check for new software onve a week

Have tried a few different hdmi cables and the box is well ventilated … Have tried a few different hdmi cables and the box is well ventilated with nothing on top of it or underneath. I usually do a check for new software onve a week

​might just be a bad box, I guess like other components you can get some chips that just run out of spec. You're just renting the box so ask for another one.
My dad's did it everyday. They took it out and put skyhd back in for free + £150 refund for lat service. Installer pretty much admitted that everyone is beta testing the system. Steer clear. I won't be putting it in.
Mine is the same, freezes every few days.
Might look at the post above and get skyhd put back.
Just had my third main box installed yesterday, it was frozen this morning. Same issue as the last two. Missus won't let me cancel ☹️
Dammed if I'm paying 50 odd quid a month to be a beta tester for sky
Mines being doing the same for 6 months, 3rd box yesterday and today froze again, just cancelled contract, will be back once Sky Q sorts its issues.
Happening to me couple times a week now. Have to unplug from mains, count to ten, then plug back in. Resolves the issues. But at £80 a month, i dont expect to have to have issues like this... I left Virgin cos of equipment hassle - here I go again it seems.... :-/
My sky q been freezing for the last four months not very pleased about it
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