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Posted 25th Nov
When I signed up for Sky Q, I was told that the boxes are not ours to keep and they would repair any issues as they are ‘rented’ and must be returned if we cancel our service.

I’ve received a letter today from sky pushing their sky protect product.

What is the point of Sky Protect, if they have to repair/replace the box if it suddenly stops working, what am I missing?
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Just ignore it you do need it though they will still try and sell you it. Probably also include other cover but again don’t need it
The bit you're missing is the fact that SkyProtect covers you for accidental damage to the equipment which would mean the box will be repaired/replaced in the event YOU damage it. Without cover, you would have to replace the equipment if it's proven to be a fault beyond Sky's control - i.e. you spill liquid over it or drop it etc.

As with all insurance - it's a gamble. I wouldn't bother with it myself - especially as it's handled by D & G, who I wouldn't spit on if they were on fire! Not that I'm bitter, or anything...
Thanks all. Sits in a media Cupboard which I rarely ever need to open. So your right it’s pretty pointless.
Sky protect does not only cover your sky equipment it can be tailored to cover other devices too like your TV, laptop, mobile or games console for example
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