Found 13th Dec 2009
Hi Everyone, I'm having Sky + HD installed next week, I'm having my standard Sky+ box moved upstairs as all the cable is already there along with quad LNB etc, the Sky HD+ box in going downstairs.

The question I would like to ask is when the engineer moves my original sky+ box to upstairs will he delete all the things I recorded onto it? as I've got lots of things I haven't watch on it yet.

If anyone could confirm that would be great


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No it won't be deleted.

No it will be fine We had apower cut for 3 hours other day we lost nothing

anyboday know how to get the old sky menu etc i have been told you can dont like the new one

Original Poster

ok guys, thanks thats a relief, I have lots of eastenders on there that I need to catch up on.

Install date is 24th Dec lol

Will be fine, I have just had the exact same thing done in my house
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