Sky+ question.

    I currently have Sky+ downstairs and sky in the bedroom.

    Is it possible to pay extra and have Sky+ in both? I don't get a chance to record anything downstairs.

    Has anybody done this and know the cost?




    My Mum's the same in reverse- she had Sky + in her bedroom and when she upgraded to HD, moved the Sky+ downstairs, it didn't pause / record etc and when she rang them they said that it's because there needs to be 2 cables going into the back of the Sky+ box instead of 1, think they said it would be about £60 for the guy to come and fit the other cable....... don't know about the price of a Sky + box though I'd assume it would cost you more.

    Sky Multi-room
    Having read your post again, it sounds like you have multi-room already and sounds like you just need/want a new Sky+ box?
    If you're already paying your base subscription and an extra £10 for multi-room, i'd call them and ask could you have a new Sky+ box for the other room
    Only issue might be, is if the bedroom has only one cable, as you need it to have two. Might need an engineer visit as above poster said but I cannot see Sky trying to charge you for this, if so, chance your arm on cancelling
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    if you dont record downstairs just swap the boxes over,you will have to run a second cable into the sky + box if you move it too the bedroom which should be straightforward as you can just follow the route of the first cable.


    change the boxes over? oO

    Yep - it's possible - we have sky hd in our lounge and sky+ fed through to the kitchen via rf

    We have to pay one hd sub and one multiroom sub, but they're offset by halfprice tv
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