Sky re-contract advice

Posted 5th Oct 2015

Contract had recently ended with sky so phoned up to see if I could get a deal, the guy was great, straight to the point and I ended up getting 50% off which I was happy about.

Thing is, he told me it was a 10 month contract, and I asked him a few times to confirm this but having received the following email from sky, it appears im in a 12 month contract? Is there any point in ringing up to dispute this or will they just bluff that I was made aware of the terms etc etc?


"I'm writing to confirm that you have agreed to take up our fantastic offer of Sky TV 50% Off for 10 Months (12M Recontract). We also wanted to remind you that as part of this offer, you've agreed to re-subscribe for a new minimum term to the products listed in the table below:

Subscription Contract Start Date Contract Length
Sky DTV 02/10/2015 12 Months"
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