Sky Reception Problems

    A few years ago I had sky installed, subscribed for 12 months before disconnecting. Since then ive enjoyed the free sky service (freesat from sky). But now Im having problems where channel five channels (as far as I know) are breaking up slightly every 10-20 seconds.

    Ive looked at signal data and it looks similar to what it was when it was installed. Strength is ~90% and the quality is at 50% dropping one step below (40%?) now and again. I was told there were some problems on installation that there may be problems because of a huge tree obstructing and so they moved the dish upto the roof. I'd imagine its more exposed there?

    What are my options? Is it simply misaligned and can be fixed easily? Or is the dish itself broken? Will a freesat box result in better reception?



    You're lucky, I hardly get any channels even when we paid for Sky.
    We cancelled it because we didn't watch it anymore.

    It sounds like your dish is out of alignment. It only takes a small knock on the dish to throw it out completely.
    If you have a techy friend, or a lot of patience you could do it yourself.

    Could be several things, but I'd put money on being a drop in performance of the LNB (the bit at the end of the dish). Even it is only a dish alignment problem I'd get the LNB replaced anyway to save a future visit. They're only about £10 to buy.

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    My knowledge on repairing dishes is next to nothing. So how do you go about realigning a dish? What equipment do you need?

    Also can you put a multi-LNB on any dish?


    If you're not sure what to do and you'd be working at height you might consider having an installer do the work.

    You can put a double/quad/octo lnb on any dish. Some have a different size/shape but adapters etc are available.

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    Ive been told it will cost around £60 to get the dish realigned from a good installer. Im thinking about simply getting the £75 one off sky subscription product available at dixons and co. Should get a better digibox as well.

    However, will I have to take down the dish? Im asking because I know that only free equipment is only given once to a household.

    look out for a sky van man and ask him if he can do it for you privately and give him £ 20 for doing it

    Chop the tree down


    Chop the tree down

    Seconded..........start with the free methods first :-D

    Almost certainly the dish has moved slightly, easy to fix, just turn on your receiver, get someone to watch the signal bars, loosen dish carefully and move dish sideways very, very slightly until the quality bar increases.

    Tighten up tightly.;-)


    Seconded..........start with the free methods first :-D

    I'm with that one...:thumbsup:

    As suggested earlier I would think its the LNB as the strength is still high suggesting that its not an alignment problem. First job is to look at the LNB as one of the most common problems is spiders who like to make the LNB a home. Some say spiders like it because of the small amount of heat given off by the LNB and some say its the magnetic field and some say its 'The international spider awareness league' trying to up the awareness of spiders to humans and disrupting people from the tv is the best way.
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