Sky redemptions... Out of contract.

Found 9th Dec 2014
Please Any one any ideas as to what can get now with sky. The GF is now out of contract has the "works" and is paying £62 pm. She has a sky hd box and a sky + box in another room. Been with them for 9 years. What sort of deal should she be haggling to get??
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I got all sky channels. Multiroom sky movies. Sky hd. Sky go extra all for 25 ish a month. Basically it's half price for 12 months with a new 12 month contract then when that's up I ring and threaten to cancel again. It's defo worth getting the multiroom as you will get a new box then
I got an offer through the post last week asking me to come back to Sky TV (already have their phone and BB) and get 33% off for 5 years with a 12 month contract

Tempting, but with netflix and Freesat, there's not really a lot I am missing.

Before I gave up on cable/Sky I used to swap between Virgin and Sky about every 12 to 18 months. Last time I went back to Sky I got 75% off for 12 months.
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I'm on 50% off for 12 months done this for past 3 years- sports and movies package, phone up to cancel they will probably offer 25-35% off say no to first offer (whatever it is) they will then contact you before 28 days/month notice period and offer you a better deal - see what they are offering new customers and haggle from there.
50% off is about right, I got that but had to threaten to cancel .Went down from £69 to £34 .

50% off is about right, I got that but had to threaten to cancel .Went … 50% off is about right, I got that but had to threaten to cancel .Went down from £69 to £34 .

Am I the only mug paying £111 a month then?

Am I the only mug paying £111 a month then?

Its all those add on Porn channels Buzz I can never get a deal on those either oO
Sky topped mse's poll for retention deals so research some Virgin deals and tell them you're really keen on 152mb Internet and it'll take something special to persuade you to stay.....
Don't go back trust me it's always the same stuff,save your money and use other ways to entertain your self.
They have royally screwed my contract. As a result of a complaint, I can end my contract early with no charge.

Time to check out VM offers.

They are offering 35% off at the moment... pretty poor.
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Thanks guys, I'll pass these ideas onto the ball and chain and hopefully she can get a great deal like some of you have!
Think it all depends who you get through to. I cancelled mine last year and then took a new contract out in the wife's name but that was when they had the 25th anniversary so I got well she got £25 for 25 months.
Ours went down from £72 a month for full package to £39, and they didnt re contract us and we can leave anytime
Right got 50% off tv multi room package and phone and broadband, new hd sky plus box free with installation, not contracted on the package but contracted for 12 months on the box, think that's good....saving about £70 per month!
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