Sky+ Remote Control and IR Transmitter

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Found 29th Nov 2005
Something a little play.com/pla…223 like this but with a Sky+ remote needed please, any suggestions very welcome, thanks :-)

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I have that, works wonders, but the wire is not the hottest, as I done it myself.

A mate on my forums suggested a Wireless 1, costs around 50-100 quid, but works wonders!

Original Poster

£50-100 for what exactly sorry?

Try Costco. They sell Sky items.

I can sell you a TV/sky wireless sender,were you can chage channel in other room,Cost £60.
[email protected]

Original Poster

@ Regulator, just had a look on their site but couldn't find anything, thanks anyway.

@ tcdmct, what? I can buy that brand new for £25.
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