Sky retention

Posted 28th Feb
Posted before but now been given a deal of full package and multi screen with netflix for 65 a month. Sounds a lot still, my disconnection date is Sunday, ie in 2 days! What do you think?
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I get full sky package + HD for £40, not sure if it’s a good deal, maybe I should give in my notice as I’ve been out of contract for a years
I think you can get a better price but it’s up to you as best prices a given once all services stop
That's crazy expensive!!
Does it include fibre?
£65?! Whoa! That is anything but cheap! I love that sky have started to include netflix - that's ridiculous! It's like going shopping in tesco only to find that they've an on site Aldi!
spyro12328/02/2020 15:30

That's crazy expensive!!

I thought so but they are really convincing when they say how good a deal it is¬!
chrisp198629/02/2020 12:46

No that is just TV

The reason I ask is that I just joined sky. It was £65 per month for everything except box sets and Netflix. Movies, sports, hd, super fast broadband and anytime calls.
40033107-PfDPE.jpgNow down to 50 but no Netflix. Guessing this is probably a bad deal still?!
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