Posted 24th Nov 2022
I’ve been with Sky for 12 years (Platinum VIP), last time I renegotiated contract was ages ago, totally lost track of it. I know I’m paying hugely over the odds now. Just wanted to get an idea of what retention deals people have been getting so I know what to haggle for. Attached is what I’m currently paying.

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    I was with sky at platinum also paying £18 a month for the entertainment package, over the last few years(as streamed films elsewhere and don't watch sports)
    Reviewed household viewing habits and cancelled the lot
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    Recently just got my sky package renewed - not sure if it’s a great deal or not, but I have sky signature, Netflix, sky go and sky Broadband and think it’s £38 (give or take a few quid without checking the exact value) ..?
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    I recently gave notice to disconnect and they called few days back to give me 50% off

    Sky signature
    Sky kids
    Sky cinema
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    Just got off phone to a lovely fella on Sky. I had cancelled my package 2 weeks ago and was due to expire in 2 weeks time because the best deal I was offered for my current package was £80 per month. The fella I spoke to today offered me the same package for £54 and to cover the cost of the £20 admin fee he gave me Netflix (ultimate) free for 3 months. I'm very happy with the deal....

    Future bill estimate

    Bill from 10th of January, to the 9th of February10 Jan – 9 Feb

    Sky Signature£17.00

    Ultimate TV Add onFREE

    Sky Sports - Complete Pack£5.00

    • Sky Cinema

    Sky Sports HD£2.00

    Sky HD£4.00


    Ultra HD£2.00

    Estimated total£49.00
    These include your regular monthly charges and any changes you have made, including:

    • Products you've added
    • Products you've removed
    • Offers
    • Payment date changes

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