Sky Sales Advisor Telephone Interview

Anyone got any tips or any idea what questions they will ask?


what are you wearing...

Probably be a multiple choice thing

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Prob a thong I would Imagine, I might put on a bow tie just to ensure i'm dressed smart enough

Do you live in Delhi

Hello my name is David, no i am not calling from delhi its just a bad phone line now can you tell me the reason why you dont subscribe to our full package mr miko and can you confirm your full address and password for me please

sky use south afican call centers now which are just as bad!

I imagine there may be few customer call scenarios, if you can convince the customer it's their fault and nothing to do with the excellent service provided by the company (it's not skys fault they decided to buy a house miles away from the server, their computer needs upgrading, are there any monkeys swinging from the dish etc) It should be like a walk in the park.

Good luck.


i don't think they'll ask you anything too hard, they'd probably give a monkey a job if it could type

Micoo is this based in shopping centre or call centre?


This is miko not micco.

Tips they'll probably play some recordings of actual phone conversations then ask you how you would have handled it.

lol didn't notice that... must be late.

Still same question applies

Don't worry, Sky would employ a monkey at the right money.

Original Poster

Thanks for the advice!

Just be a cock & you'll get the job

Can I interest you in our Sky Sports & Movies package today???

Put them on hold for half an hour before you answer.


Put them on hold for half an hour before you answer.

I lol'd
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