sky satelite finder or meter do they work

Found 9th Nov 2008
i just want to know if these gadgets work i nearly baught one today but wasnt sure they worked any input thanks
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friend had one from maplin it seemed to work ok i think of these
Yeah they do work. I have one and its superb :thumbsup:
ok ill buy one its cheaper than getting a tecnician thanks :gift:
When we moved we looked around to see the direction that other peoples satelites were pointing!! After about 30 mins of moving the dish ever so slightly we had a great signal for the sky plus. Admitedly it is mostly hit & miss but saved us money!! May be worth a try!
i have one i no longer need you can have for a few quid, lmk if interested and I can list it ;-)
Don't bother with one...

Usually, Satellite Receivers are already pre-programmed, so you should be able to put it to one of the channels that is on the satellite you want and use that as your guide...

Aim the dish at the heading you need (for UK, 28.2 degrees East of True South), once you are absolutely certain you are aiming at that heading, point the dish at the Horizon line and slowly, millimeter by millimeter start to tilt back until you get a good picture.

If you do not get a picture, you are not aiming the dish at the right heading for the channels you want.
Just to go for the downside of a meter...

They do NOT tell you what satellite you are aiming at, they only tell you that you have a signal that is broadcast from a satellite.

Most people who use them, complain that they're getting German Channels afterwards (which would be because you have aimed at the wrong satellite, it is not through any fault of the receiver or the meter).
Yes ,they work and are a must if your setting up a motorised kit . I bought my kit from Maplin about 12 years ago and it still work now . My first setup was for D2-Mac , then for Analogue and now for Digital and it meter picked up everything . One thing you must buy together with the meter ..................thats a compass . Dont even think about trying without a compass . It'll put you in the right direction for the initial setup . Sky is a different setup though , easier with only one Sat . My motorised dish picks up astra ,hotbird ,thor , sirius , hispasat and a million others and I could'nt have set it all up with my meter & compass.
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