Sky sim only contract

Posted 5th Jan
I’m with three atm
sky giving 3gb data unlimited txts and min for £4.50 per month
currently paying £9 4gb unlimited mins and txt with three
Been with three few years no problems.

just wanted some advice on anyone on sky mobile what’s the network like and the data using it outside?
Don’t want to change And have problems with network

any advice much appreciated.
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Sky is an MVNO of o2 network. No idea where you would want to use a Sky SIM so no idea if a second-tier deprioritised o2 service will be any good for you.
Where’s the sky deal being advertised
It’s through sky if you ring them up
hubby switched to this deal recently and it was £6 a month. if you get this for £4.50 pm then bargain.

sky also allow you to put unused data into a piggy bank for future months or exchange for rewards.

hubby has been with sky for nearly a year now and been good so far. we live in surrey and not had any issue with the signal. he also works in london and again no problem there. i would think that o2 coverage will be better than three generally so you should be fine.
Ok thanks I’ve got 2 lines with three
will switch both over
Sky been brilliant for me. Also get a better signal inside buildings than other networks in my experience too.
Cheers op might give them a phone and see if they drop Mrs price down. She is on 3gb for £6.
Im on 12gb for £9.

Haggling time I think. I
Not been mentioned but you can also watch skygo and not use any data. In the last few years when abroad I have been able to stream nowtv via my phone hot-spot and it doesn't use data either
How'd you get it for £4-50 pm all I see is the £6pm option and I have Sky tv
I rang them up and she said if you’ve got any sky services then £4.50 but I don’t have any and she said she’ll give a bit of discount as new customer
I have been with sky for just over a year now i think. Never noticed a problem with signal anywhere i go. indoors and out.
Had a phone call from sky today from their mobile dept offering me the £6 deal told them that deal is on Uk deals to someone at £4.50 answer no it’s not we don’t do that my reply to that was ok goodbye
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