sky, sky+, sky+HD, please help.

    At the moment I am paying £45 a month for all the channels including sky movies and sports, does anyone know any cheaper offers from sky with all the channels included, I have sky+, but I have seen people paying as low as £35 a month for all the channels sky+HD and multiroom. Can someone please help make my package better.


    i am currently paying £31 for all but it is only for 3 months not all the time just ring them up and tell them you want to cancel some channels saying you cant afford it at the moment and they might offer you a deal

    now that the footy season is over might be a good idea to cancel sky sports, they may give u a better or low price for a while

    yes i recently cancelled sky sports and said that I could not afford the package anymore said that I had been a customer for a long time (7 yrs) and that I was entiled to half price for 6 call them and you never know could offer you the same deal! worth a try at least

    " I have seen people paying as low as £35 a month for all the channels sky+HD and multiroom."

    probably a one off offer for new customers only i pay around £59 a month for hd,multiroom and sports(no movie channels) i phoned up yesterday to cancel sports as footie was finnished they gave me £30 credit if i stayed connected i was happy with that as there are still footie etc i wanted to watch woulda been switching it back on at start at start of footie season anyway £30 better in my pocket than theirs

    i phoned them last week i have been with them a year and half and pay 46 pounds a month i told them i wanted to cut the films and sports out to save some money and she said there was an offer on my account she could give me which was 36 pounds a month for 6 months so 60 quid saved defo worth a phone call

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    Ok I'll give them a ring does anyone know the number and how much it costs per minute
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