'Sky Songs' launched today

    Anybody using it?


    what is sky songs?


    what is sky songs?


    Skys alternative to Itunes.


    Link not working for me.

    Yeah me too :roll:

    Anyway, I'm kinda an itunes fanboy. Just wish they'd lower their prices sometimes. Have you used this site. Anything totally different about it?


    Sky Broadband customers can get a free album apparently.

    There's also a month free if anyone wants to post that in the deals.

    Original Poster

    Hmm it's more like spotify than iTunes.

    You pay £6.49/month then you get a free album download a month or 10 tracks I think.

    You then also get a username and password and can listen and stream full 320kbps songs without any ads to your computer, no matter where in the world you are.

    There is no software to download to use it either as it's all done in your web browser.

    Spotify is an alternative but it's software based, £9.99/month but you can use it on your mobile whereas you can't with sky the moment.

    Worth checking it out!

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    Spotify does have a free option where you can stream music but it is has adverts, sound quality isn't as good (256kbps) and can't be used on a mobile device.

    I will stop talking now in fear of people losing the will to live!
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