Posted 27th Jun 2021
So, like many i purchased the refurb Sky Soundbox deal for £99 from The Big Phone Store.

Well...what a mess it's been.

Less than 5 weeks it's been running, and i've had to restart/reboot the thing 8-9 times (sometimes taking up to an hour at a time). I reached out to TBPS, and they told me to update the firmware. Note: the last firmware update was old are these refurbs?

Anyhow, i did and...HUZZAH! It works...and it works better than before. Amazing, i thought...we're back!

Well...that lasted just 3 days before it stopped working again. Basically, the power light is green, and pressing the buttons on the device give a reaction. However, there's no sound, the control is non-responsive, and it's having nothing.

At this stage I'm over the box - it's such a shame, as the sound itself is lovely. 6 speakers dotted around nicely, with a great balance sound and good depth. Unfortunately, it seems that bad hardware was the downfall of this device.

I wanted to just ask: has ANYONE had good results with theirs? Could it just be that I have a bit of a lemon? Unfortunately, having read online I don't believe this to be true...but I'd love to hear from others out there.

Note: I'm back in the market for a good soundbox/soundbar/potentially a 2.1 system. It's for my family, and without me they have zero tech saavy. Upto £200-250 would be what I'm looking for...if anyone knows any good
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