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    Can anybody give me some advice please?:?

    I have the family package but my husband wants to add the sports package as the cricket World Cup is starting soon.
    I have heard so many people saying that you have to barter with the reps on the phone and everyone seems to get a different deal!

    Has anybody any advice they can offer as we are not too good on the old bartering front:oops:

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


    Hi, get yourself a good divorce lawyer and start divorce proceedings now as that's the end of your marriage!!! :-D

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    he he he he was thinking that myself!!!

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    Actually, I have told him that if we get the package, he can only view it whilst standing up with an iron and an ironing board........... after he has cooked my tea of course!

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    Can nobody help?????

    you can get it for 1 month only if thats all you want it for.

    i doubt sky will budge on the price if you are only having it for the duration of the world cup, you pay for 1 months sky sports subs, just check which channels it is on as sky sports 1 and sky sports 2 may both be showing it and you would then need the full sky sports package instead of just sky sports 1 or 2 ( unless of course this has changed).

    as for the deals, the best time is when you are just out of your contract of 12 months or just coming up to the 12 months.

    rather than play games, i find the best way of bartering is to say

    telewest do the same package with internet and phone for this much, you charge the same just for tv, either do me the tv deal i want for THIS MUCH?? or please put me through to cancellations.

    i used to phone and say i couldnt afford this channel and that channel, all they did was take those channels off and reduce my bills, until i just told them straight and wanted a decent price i was getting no where.

    It might be worth getting it just for a month, because when that time is up, they might be willing to do a deal with you to make sure you subscribe for longer!
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