Sky sports

    How much is it a month??

    i have the basic package ( no movies or sports) so how much extra is it to get sports?


    Not being funny, but that really is one of the laziest posts i have EVER seen
    It's not difficult to find the price for crying out loud.
    Sorry but just being honest

    Maybe was experiencing downtime?

    Nice of them to go off-line so quickly!

    Original Poster

    thanks speedking anyway, but it does not tell you how much ss costs, and i did check the site before hand and did not say anything, oh and you say im being lazy.....but shopping online is lazy as well so dont acuse me of being lazy when you are as well.

    case closed

    You state you have the basic package which I assume is either:

    2 Mixes + Sky Sports = £34
    4 Mixes + Sky Sports = £36
    6 Mixes + Sky Sports = £37

    Posting 'shopping online is lazy' will just cause severe backlash so refrain from starting an argument in this helpful forum!

    Ok then, lazy so and so
    Try sticking "how much does sky sports cost" into google
    3 clicks, and BANG


    Ok then, lazy so and soTry sticking "how much does sky sports cost" into … Ok then, lazy so and soTry sticking "how much does sky sports cost" into google3 clicks, and BANG

    lol harsh but fair:thumbsup:
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