Sky sports mobile for £5.99 a month

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I know it’s not quite a “deal” as this is the normal price, but as I had never seen it before it does seem like a bit of a bargain if you’re into sports and don’t want to pay the full price.

Main limitation is that it is limited to mobile devices and from what I can see casting to TV is restricted on this pass.
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The main problem is not just the lack of streaming or casting, it is the serious lack of Sky Sports channels. You just get the basic channels, which limit what you can actually watch
I had this with my Vodafone contract as it was a Red Entertainment plan, and as a sports fan, I hated it...

Personal preference, but I'm a sports fan too, especially football, but I hate watching on a small screen - no matter how large your phone screen is, it's not great to watch on imo.

My advice would be to wait for CDKeys or Now TV to release offers (like the previous one - £9.99 for a month of Sky Sports direct with Now TV)...
I had this for £1 a month deal then forgot to cancel and paid £5.99 a couple of months then went to cancel and offered another 3 months for £2 a month.
Do you get any access to the sky sports on demand stuff?
dannwilson29/09/2019 18:52

Do you get any access to the sky sports on demand stuff?

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