Sky, stupid or what?

I ordered the free movies for 3 months which inclues Sky Indie, comedy etc (5 in total), I rang them asking when it will be activated and they told me they would sort it out. The channels came straight on, the problem is, I have ALL the movie channels including the HD ones, will they charge me for their cock up? Should I call them? or should I just do nothing?


They're tempting you


Are you mad?

Just check your online account. As long as they are not billing you, fear not. Obviously you didnt know!

they will hunt you down,hang you upside down until your money falls from your pockets and worse of all smash your childrens piggybanks!

be warned!:whistling:



Haha funniest joke thread yet:-D

It's hilarious when I hear that anyone pays for sky!!!



exactly:thumbsup::-DHey guv, played the quiz today?

Yeh. I did pants.
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